Organize Tweets

The heart of Pluggio as a Social Media Management Dashboard is the Twitter screen.

From here, you can setup “streams” and folders of streams, that allow you to easily track people, keywords, hashtags, groups, and lists. A familiar “unread message” counter over each stream makes sure you never miss a tweet from someone you care about.

On this page, you will find instruction on how to setup and organize streams and folders so you can start engaging in meaningful conversation with your community, and get more impact out of Twitter right away.

Sort Streams & Folders

  1. To sort streams and folders, simply drag them around to arrange them as you like
  2. You may move streams within a folder, or between folders
  3. You may rearrange folders (this works throughout Pluggio, anywhere you see folders)

Add a Folder

  1. To add a folder on the Twitter screen to help you sort your streams, click the “Add or Edit” button at the bottom of the left-hand menu
  2. Click “Add Folder”
  3. Type in a name for your new folder
  4. Once your folder has been created, you may drag any of your streams into it
  5. You may click on a folder to open or close it (show / hide the contents) at any point

Add a User Stream

To add a “user stream” (monitor a user’s tweets) to the left hand menu, you have 2 options:

Option 1 (Fastest method)

  1. Click on a username, when you’re looking at any tweet
  2. Click the “Add” button in the top left of the content box

Option 2 – Sometimes a user you want to create a stream for isn’t visible on the page, so use this method.

  1. Click the “Add or “Edit” button in the bottom of the left menu on Pluggio’s Twitter screen
  2. Click “@user”
  3. Type the user’s @name and click “Save”

You will now be able to click into the user’s stream to see their tweets.

Add a Twitter List Stream

You can add a stream to Pluggio following a list you have already setup, or someone else’s list.

  1. To add a new list to the Pluggio Twitter screen menu, click the “Add or Edit” button
  2. Click “Add Twitter list” in the box that pops up
  3. The dropdown at the top of the box will contain any list you already have on Twitter. Click the dropdown, and click the list you would like to create a stream for
  4. Alternatively, type in another Twitter user’s @user name and list name
  5. When finished, click “Save”

Add a Keyword Stream

  1. To follow a keyword search in the left-hand navigation menu, click the “Add or Edit” button
  2. Click “Add keyword”
  3. In the keyword text box, enter the keyword (or brand, niche, #hashtag, etc.) you would like to search for
  4. Click “Save” when finished

Add Location & Keyword Stream

A great way to market a local business is to monitor Twitter for people saying certain things within a distance radius of particular location. Pluggio makes this easy.

  1. To follow a keyword and a location in the left-hand navigation menu, click the “Add or “Edit” button
  2. Click “Add keyword”
  3. In the text box for “Keyword”, enter your search term (keyword, #hashtag, etc.)
  4. In the dropdown list next to “Location”, select how many miles from a given location you would like to limit your search to
  5. Enter a city or zip code in the “city or zip” box to be the center of your distance radius

Now Pluggio will show you tweets that include your search words that have been sent by people in location radius you’ve defined, and you can respond back to them with “Hey, check us out!” message.

Delete & Edit Streams or Folders

  1. To delete or edit any of the streams in the left-hand menu, click the “Add or Edit” button
  2. Then select a mode – either “Edit” or “Delete”
  3. When you select “Delete” mode, any stream you click will be deleted (a confirmation box will pop up first, to prevent accidental deletes)
  4. When you select “Edit” mode, any stream you click will bring up the settings box for that stream, so you can make any changes
  5. When you’re finished, just click “Finish Editing” or “Finish Deleting”

Monitor a Brand

  1. To follow a brand in Pluggio, click the “Add or Edit” button
  2. Click “Add keyword”
  3. Enter the brand you would like to follow in the “Keyword” box – often times, #hashtags return better results, especially for large brands
  4. When finished, click “Save” to add the stream monitor to your left-hand menu